The Best Company Band consists has been performing since 1998.  All members are multi-instrumentalists, some of us with academic degree, and some top-level vocals. We have all acquired our long-year experience performing on stages all over Europe, in music studios and on festivals.

In Slovenia, where the band is performing mostly, we have satisfied the high-level criteria of major events (the International Advertising Festival “Golden Drum”, the Metropol *****  Friends Gathering, the Seafarers’ Dance, the Annual Lions and Rotary Club Meeting, the New Year 2000 Gala Dance in Emerald Room of the GH St. Bernardin*****, the Gala Dance of the City of Ljubljana, the Ferrari Owners Annual Meeting, the Gala Yacht dance at Kempinski Palace*****the Prom Dance of the ‘’Turistica’’ Higher School of Hotel and Tourist Trade, the “Dancing Slovenia Springtime” dance, special events at the Casino Perla and Casino Park in Nova Gorica, as well as at the Grand Casino Portorož, Kranjska gora and Lipica, on last evenings of congresses and symposia, and many others…).
In collaboration with Bolero Dance School, we provide for the musical delight on proms and gala weddings. We also entertain party guests organised by bigger companies such as Bauhaus, Hypo Alpe Adria Bank, IBM, Microsoft, AMC, HIT meeting Villach, Citypark BTC, ADAC Deutschland, Probanka, Banka Koper, Grawe and Adriatic Slovenica Insurance Companyes, Lek, Porsche Slovenia, Schladming Austria – world ski championship, etc.

With a large repertoire of songs ranging from evergreens, classical standard dance rhythms, the music of the 80’ to a modern repertoire, we conduct the evening – in several languages - and create a genuine contact with the audience and a professional performance to the delight of the guests and satisfaction of the client.
Top-level technology and appropriate wardrobe make a good audible and visual impression to the expectations of the organising party.